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Blue Mountain Peak

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Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica at 2,256 m (7,402 ft.). It is the home of Blue Mountain coffee and their famous tours. Blue Mountain Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean. It is located on the border of the Portland and Saint Thomas parishes of Jamaica. The Blue Mountains are considered by many to be a hiker's and camper's paradise. The traditional Blue Mountain trek is a 7-mile (10 km) hike to the peak and consists of a 3,000-foot (1,000 m) increase in elevation. Jamaicans prefer to reach the peak at sunrise, thus the 3–4 hour hike is usually undertaken in darkness. Since the sky is usually very clear in the mornings, Cuba can be seen in the distance. Some of the plants found on the Blue Mountain cannot be found anywhere else in the world and they are often of a dwarfed sort. If you're looking for a challenging hike and a memorable experience, get your hiking boots on and head for Blue Mountain Peak. Both thrilling and scenic, there is no other trail quite like it on the entire island.
Blue Mountain Peak Trail/Portland Gap

The Blue Mountain Peak Trail (final ascent from Portland Gap) is a 5.6 km (3.5 mile) hike, taking approximately 2 to 3 hours. It ends at the famous Blue Mountain Peak, the highest peak in the island (2,256m). Portland Gap is the last rest stop and overnight stop for the hiker looking to conquer Jamaica's highest point. It is a recreational area, which offers very rustic accommodation in beautiful natural surroundings for the nature lover.On the journey to the Peak, you will see spectacular scenic views and diverse flora and fauna. Many species of birds, characteristic of the area, can be seen all the way up the trail. Jamaica’s National Bird – the Doctor Bird; the Jamaican Tody (Robin Red Breast) and the Mountain Witch represent only a small portion of the colourful and diverse birdlife found in the area. Ancient ferns and a variety of mosses and lichens give impression of a primal wilderness. The Peak Trail passes through old growth forest. It is a very special and unique area which we want to remain as natural as possible.

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