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There are few places in Anguilla where one can visit to get an overall appreciation of our people’s history and culture. Heritage Collection is one such place. It brings history to life. With a wide array of artefacts, photographs and items of cultural significance, it is easy to be transported back to various stages in Anguilla’s history – including Anguilla’s settlement by the Amerindians, the days of slavery, the salt industry, natural disasters, the phosphate trade, the poverty and harshness of everyday life, the Revolution and British invasion. Mr. Colville Petty with Mr. & Mrs Johnson of Upstate New York Mr. Colville Petty with Mr. & Mrs Johnson of Upstate New York Whether you are a resident or a visitor, a visit to the museum is well worth it. There is something of interest for everyone regardless of age, gender or nationality. Not only do the displays provide a wealth of information, but Mr Petty himself is like a walking history book. There is much that can be learnt from your interactions with him while on your visit. The pride he has for his collection is evident, but it belies a greater pride – and that is his pride in being Anguillian. It is probably this pride, and his genuine love for our little island, that propelled him to establish this collection and to extensively research and document Anguilla’s history so that future generations can understand our journey as a people. This Heritage Collection Museum is now a site of historical significance and a part of Anguilla’s heritage trail. Stop in. You won’t be disappointed.
Opening hours are:Monday to Saturday - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and Sunday - 1.00 pm to 6pm.

Heritage Collection affords a useful opportunity to study and appreciate the progression of an independent and proud people.
Entry Fee: Adults US$ 5.00, Children under 12 US$ 3.00.
Tel: 264.497.8737,
Fax: 264.497.4067
Email: petty@anguillanet.com

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