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Welcome to Kitesurf Antigua, the island’s first and only choice for kitesurfing lessons. With over 10 years of experience we have the best teaching location on island and our friendly instructors are always ready to provide you with a safe and fun learning experience. We are located on the beautiful Jabberwock Beach, on the North East corner of Antigua. The warm Trade Winds blow here during the months of December through August and we are open as long as the breeze is blowing. The beach is over a quarter mile long with a gentle curve and side-on wind conditions that offer a safe cove for learners and some ‘bump and jump’ conditions further upwind for the more experienced riders. With lots of beach space for practicing the ever important skills of rigging, launching and landing your kites, Jabberwock Beach is the safest and most comfortable beach on the island to learn kiting, so give us a call if you’re keen, we’d be happy to introduce you to this wonderful new sport :)
Kitesurf Antigua provides quality lessons with certified instructors and the latest teaching specific equipment. Lessons should be booked well in advance (2 weeks lead time) to insure availability.

Beginner Special
(4 hours, one day introductory course) A single 4 hour "minimal" course which is intended to give you a taste of what the sport is all about. In this lesson we teach you all the basics of rigging, launching and landing, kite control and body dragging. Students who advance quickly may also get to attempt water starting within the 4 hours, however, we cannot guarantee that every student will get that far. If you really want to get "into" kiteboarding you can upgrade to the clinic course. This course is offered as a single 4 hour session (breaks will be taken as needed) and must be booked in advance.
Sessions start at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM daily.
1 Student - USD$280per student or USD$70 hourly
2 - 3 students - USD$220 per student or USD$55 hourly

The Clinic
(10 hours, 2 to 3 day complete course) A complete “Zero to Hero” course which caters to all levels: For beginners this course includes the Beginner Special lesson and advances them to an independent level (IKO levels 1&2). For novices the clinic serves as a "refresher course" and may also advance them to intermediate skill level. Our clinic course represents the best value and most effective way to learn. We spread the Clinic over two to three days and will try our best to work out a schedule that suits yours.
Note: We teach a maximum of 2 students per instructor for clinics. This is to ensure student safety and maximize each student’s time on the equipment.
1 student - USD $650 per student or USD $65 hourly
2 students - USD $500 per student or USD $50 hourly

Custom (hourly)
Anything from a minimal taster course to advanced hardcore. Have specific equipment setup requirements? Want advanced tuition including transitions, inverts and boosting jumps? Haven’t kited in a while and need a refresher? These lessons will cover whatever you want at a fixed hourly rate.
1 students - USD$75 hourly rate

Please notify us at least 48hrs in advance for cancellations. Students will be charged for 50% of the amount of hours booked for last minute cancellations.

*There is no guarantee that the goals within each lesson will be reached by every student. The goals however, are based on a typical students ability whom is in good health and very comfortable in the water. We will advance persons through the lessons only as fast as they are capable of learning. Some persons may not reach the goals and require further instruction to do so. Other persons may advance beyond the stated goals in a given lesson.

Rentals are provided as a convenience for experienced riders only. All riders will be screened briefly on their basic skills including safety system use, rules of the beach, riding location assessment, launch/landing technique, and self rescue prior to rental. Students who have successfully reached IKO Kiteboarder Card Level 2 from Kite Antigua are also eligible to rent equipment. Half day = 3 hours
Full day = more than 3 hours

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