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The Pigeon Island National Park

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Pigeon Island National Landmark is heralded as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucias history. It is a vivid representation of the cultural and historical monuments of international, civil, military and marine cross currents, characteristic of West Indian historical change. A living museum within a natural setting, Pigeon Island is being nurtured through careful protection and intelligent development to serve the intellectual, cultural and recreational needs of all who visit this historic site. The picturesque, 44 acre island reserve, off the North West, was originally surrounded by water but was joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway in 1972. Recognizing the need to secure this site where the balance of late eighteenth century naval power was decided, the Government of Saint Lucia designated Pigeon Island as a National Park in 1979 and as a National Landmark in 1992.
.Ruins of military buildings used during the battles between the French and the british for the island of Saint Lucia.
.An Interpretation Centre describing the rich history of the island.
.Two beautiful beaches.
.A restaurant featuring local cuisine.
.A pub and restaurant with a historical theme.
.A lookout point at the top of the Fort which gives a panoramic view of the northwest coastline.

Pigeon Island National Landmark
Two private sandy beaches ideal for swimming, snorkelling or just lounging;
Expansive lawns, interspersed with coconut and almond trees, flowering plants, calabash trees – Saint Lucia’s national tree, flambouyant and other woody trees;
A full-service restaurant, named for “Jambe de Bois”, located right on the water’s edge; and a smaller pub located in the cellar of the Officers’ Mess; Panoramic views from Fort Rodney and Signal Peak of Saint Lucia’s northern coastline, with views of neighbouring Martinique on clear days;
Amerindian caves;
An Interpretation Centre.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve
Visitors to the Reserve begin their tour at the Saint Lucia National Trust Southern Region Office on the mainland. A shorl canoe ride will transport you from the mainland to a small sandy beach on the leeward side of Maria Major. From the time you embark at the Pointe Sable Beach you will be in the hands of a trained and competent guide. You are provided with life jackets for your short passage and a two-way radio system will be in use to keep you in touch with the mainland at all times.

Eco-South Tours
Hiking the Mankote Mangrove Trail. The Trail goes through a protected mangrove forest and along the largest pond in Saint Lucia. Well trained guides will share their knowledge of the value of these ecosystems, both culturally and ecologically, as well as help visitors identify the endemic and migratory bird species that frequent the mangrove and pond.
Tours of the Maria Islands Nature Reserve that begins with a boat ride from the Anse du Sable beach to Maria Major, followed by a trek up to the highest point on the island, where one may enjoy panoramic views of the south of Saint Lucia. The endemic Whiptail Lizard is a common sight along the trail.
A Native Fishing Tour that offers patrons a half day fishing experience going out with local fishers on their pirogues and participating in forms of traditional fishing...... And so much more

For further information visit our website:http://www.slunatrust.org/

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