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St Lucia Aerial Tram and Zipline Canopy Tour

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Up, Up and Away on your Rainforest Tours! Flirtatious hummingbirds, impressive buttress root systems, and persistent ficus stranglers reveal themselves on our rainforest aerial tram ride. Cool tropical breezes and panoramic vistas included.” The Aerial Tram tour St. Lucia transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve. Sixteen open-air gondolas ascend noiselessly through the rainforest, offering guests a magical view of nature in its majesty – towering gommiers, impressive chataigniers, and the remarkable phenomenon of the strangler ficus, alighted upon by playful hummingbirds and bananaquits. An experienced Nature Interpreter will point out giant ferns and magnificent heliconia, and identify the calls and the plumage of the birdlife that makes the Caribbean Oceanic forest their home. The descent affords a bird’s eye view of the rainforests St. Lucia offers and a spectacular panoramic vista of the north of the island. With much to see and listen for, this attraction in St. Lucia is a celebration of color and life, and a restorative retreat guaranteed to refresh the senses.
Tranopy Tour

Three attractions for the price of one: Aerial Tram, Rainforest Trails & Canopy Zip Line! The innovative Tranopy tour combines the up-close views of an aerial tram with the excitement of a canopy zip line tour. A professional naturalist guide will accompany you along the rainforest trails, pointing out some of the secrets of the rainforest that surrounds you!


Adult $95.00
Child $95.00
Student $95.00

St. Lucia Aerial Tram

The Rainforest Aerial Tram transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve. Gondolas safely glide you through and over the treetops, where knotted and twisting woody vines wind to the tops of old growth rainforest trees. Sixteen open-air gondolas comfortably seat up to 8 passengers and one guide each.

Adult $80.00
Student $80.00
Child $70.00

St. Lucia Jacquot Trail

Experience the transformative power of nature. Hike in the heart of the rainforest amidst the mighty Chatannier and the fragrant Gummier, listen for the call of the parrot, and enjoy the bustling stillness of nature. Tour lasts 3.5 to 4 hours.

Adult $45.00
Child $45.00
Student $45.00

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