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Caribbean History

The Caribbean is rich in History and Culture; daily tours take place detailing respective Caribbean island histories. A friendly and informative guide waits to take you on an adventure to the past.  Halse Hall in Jamaica was once a great plantation house and was once owned by Major Thomas Halse. Now a national treasure of Jamaica tours are given of the house and surrounding areas upon request.

Tour a British Colonial Fort in The Bahamas built on a hill over looking the harbor of Nassau. Never used for battle Fort Charlotte was constructed after the American Revolution war and covers 100 acres. View Fort Charlottes’ dungeons, underground passages, 42 cannons, and a moat as you receive a detail history from any of the tour guides available.

Take a scenic stroll through Trinidad and Tobago bird sanctuary to catch a glimpse of Trinidad’s national bird the Islet. Swamp waterways surrounded by mangrove trees can be seen all around Islets are not the only creatures to be seen here. Caimans, snakes and a range of other birds also make the park their home. Visitors can also have the chance to fish, hunt or catch crabs in these mangroves.

Maybe taking a tour of one of the oldest functioning Rum Distillery, like the River Antoine Rum Distillery in Grenada is more to your likings. This water-propelled distillery is one of the oldest not only in Grenada but in the Caribbean. This distillery is still in operation today and still uses the same methods for making rum from back in the 1700s.

Harmony Hall Art Gallery, Brown's Bay, Antigua has been hosting exhibitions for the past 27 years. Local artists and collectors mingle as they talk about the range of exhibitions on display and every year there is something new to admire. Additionally you can enjoy a bite to eat here as you browse the art lining the walls.

Vast arrays of local art, craft, museums and shops located throughout these islands, with local Caribbean inspired paintings, sculptures and pottery all in vivid colors available for your viewing pleasure.

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