Learning SAP BI Hong Kong HR Security Concepts

SAP Business is another system comprising data. If SAP ECC SAP System is being worked on by us, we look at time transaction data. SAP BI system is used for executives and managers to receive high level summary information.

The BI data and access points:

The data displayed to the end user in the kind of queries, and is saved in Cube, which is a Table. SAP has excel-based and web-based tools for extracting the information. The tools are a means of displaying the information so that can be quickly viewed by the end users. The BI Security theories deal with securing SAP BI inquiries as well as the SAP BI data displayed in the questions.

Hr System Hk

Security concepts for safety query / data:

Once we secure the question, we are essentially limiting who has access to them. But when the Information is restricted by us, we determine what information from the question is visible to the person. The hr system hk report is being executed by a user in America and By way of instance, you have a question on the sales of a product, he wants to find data. The limitation here may be both or plant location or business code.


When you make the Query, the business code / Plant should be a factor that is required.

Security Concepts for functions in:

There are three kinds of users in the machine – casual users, power users, and SAP BI System Support. There are not a lot of transactions in SAP BI for a SAP Security Consultant.

Security Concepts for Roles:

The BI security concepts are simple since the information is to be limited from the Query. We will just have role for end users, Query Execution / Maintain Role, Data restriction Role, and folder function.

Query Execution:

The SAP BI Query execution role will have access to do the query, with no access. This role is given to users.